Someday My Husband Will Say This

DISCLAIMER: This is a very old draft (two years old!) that I found and finally decided to publish. I first typed it up as early as February of 2013. So this was all before I had someone specific in mind other than a faceless husband. But the quotes still make me giggle the same way they did before, so in an effort to show that I have not changed all that much from two years ago when I was a totally unattached woman…

In no particular order, here is a selection of quotes that I find romantic and hope to hear from my husband’s lips someday.

1. “There is a delicate and perplexing matter I must discuss with my brother.” – Mr. Knightley

2. “Quite the contrary, Your Highness. It’s a bountiful province. We have many natural resources; gold, silver… a bustling silk trade.” -Prince Ascot from Mirror Mirror

3. “I have been walking in the grove some time in the hope of meeting you.” -Mr. Darcy

4. “Hand me my breeches.” -I wrote this into a story. Because it makes me giggle.

5. “Do you want a Sunday-meet-at-church kiss or a Devil’s-out-after-midnight kiss?” -The only good line from that dreadful book The Prairie Prince

6. “Well, the Captain part is new. But the rest, my lady, is all the same.” -Alexander Hamilton of The Dreamer webcomic

7. “It matters not.” -Captain Hook, Once Upon a Time (The accent is important here.)

8. “As you wish.” -Wesley, The Princess Bride

9. “Where did all my shirts go?” -Just real life. Because I have a feeling I’ll want to steal all his shirts.

10. “Wife! Bring my mah Pringle!” -The Best Neighbour Ever from BalloonShop videos.


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