3×30 Challenge: Day 05 – My Girls

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Day 05: Something in life that gives you balance.

My Wii Fit trainer who yells at me when my legs are shaky and I can’t make the little balance indicator stay in the middle. :P

Since I’m guessing the challenge was meant to be taken in a less literal sense, I’m going to be good and answer seriously, now. Prayer, and people. Predominately, my girls: KitKat, Mosie, and my Pudge Button sister Lydia.

KitKat is forever ensuring that I don’t get caught up in the excitement of so many different hobbies and passions that I lose sight of my long-term goals or forget unfinished projects. “That’s great that you got a scrapbook done, but where’s Chapter Sixteen of your story?” “I’m really excited about Marianne’s point of view, but I miss Turnings.” “Whatever happened to Buoy’s other Christmas present?” “Did you ever set your appointment to get your jaw checked out?” “Are you filing your taxes this week? IT’S TIME!!!” Without her, I would not have accomplished any of the writing projects that we’re both so proud of now, and a multitude of things I mean to do would never get done. Whenever I’m conflicted, confused, and ready to curl up in a ball to sleep my life away because I’m not sure what I want or how to express it properly, she has the answer in a few concise sentences that makes everything amazingly clear, and then she sends me a hilarious BuzzFeed article or friendship quote to make me cry it out. She knows exactly how to fix things that seem unfixable before I go to her. She’s my constant, my clone, and the Shawn to my Gus.


Mosie is my spiritual drill sergeant, my prayer warrior, and my other sister. When life is beating me up, she tells me to beat it right back with prayer and productivity. We keep each other accountable and prioritising. We share excitement over Biblical truths and sermon suggestions, laugh together over doctrinal humour, and constantly talk about our future families and how we’ll raise our kids. We’ve started to become each other in weird ways. She blacked out the same day and hour I passed out. Our stomach problems are mimicking each other. When my work schedule gets weird, so does hers. We steal ideas from each other and end up finishing the projects the same way without further discussion. Although I feel the most different from her in personality, we have so much in common at our cores that it hardly matters. She’s my person, and I’m hers.


Lydia is the most chill person I know. (Besides David, but I can’t yet say he gives me balance since when he’s around all I want to do is steal away with him and not get anything done unless he’s doing it, too. And he gives me even less balance in literal terms since I’m kind of dizzy and excitable in his presence. :P Sorry, Lydia. Back to you!) I hardly ever see anything bother her. Rude words roll off her like water on a duck’s back. I know I’m not like her, and I’m okay with that, but sometimes I wish I was just a little be less like me and a little bit more like her because she’s pretty cool. When I’m inclined to snap at someone, or rant and rage and throw pillows or do something equally rash, her relaxed posture, quiet shrugs, and long hugs are there to balance me out and calm me down. When the house is in an uproar, she and I are the ones sharing knowing looks and rolling our eyes at the chaos. She’s also awesome at telling me which Kdramas I’d like, love, or hate so I don’t have to waste my time on stupid ones.2015/01/img_2954.jpg

A Book That Wasn’t What You Expected

Shadows by Robin McKinley – You can read the full review of why it wasn’t what I expected HERE.

I still love Robin McKinley’s writing like no other. This was just… so not what I had in mind.

A Song That Reminds You of Someone Special

KitKat’s Song: F-R-I-E-N-D-S!

I can’t think of any more perfect song that encapsulates our friendship. The fact that it was a British advert we saw for the first time IN ENGLAND as we stayed in our little cottage… *sniffles* Yep. It’s perfect.

Mosie’s Song: To Whom it May Concern

Because this is so her future husband singing with her. :) Also, she’s the one who showed me the song. And I can imagine a really pretty contemporary ballet to it which she would choreograph and dance. With said husband.

Lydia’s Song: SUGAH!!

If Lydia and I were Koreans and we made a band together, this would be our debut song. Of course she’s the rapper who makes funny faces. I’m the skinny one who just kind of hangs out and smiles a lot. :)


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