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We Plan, God Laughs

Well, I thought I was back! I really thought I was getting into the blogging groove again, but then life happened. The same day I posted my “Yay, I’m back!” post, (in fact, a mere hour or so after since I posted it from the waiting room at the imaging centre) I passed out in the middle of my x-rays and because no one saw me fall they had Mum come and take me to the ER. That day I spent a total of seven hours in three different medical facilities, so you can imagine I wasn’t exactly feeling up to blogging the next couple days.  

2015/01/img_3503.jpgAfter I’d recovered physically and emotionally from that, I had work, my officer was in town for one day so KitKat and Buoy took me after work to see him for a few hours and drive us back into town, then I had another full day of doctor’s offices and finishing x-rays, knitting, housework… I just haven’t had a stretch of time to post!

I did make a goal through Goodreads to read 52 books this year since I did such an abysmal job last year of reading. I ordered 6-8 books from my library today and intend on going through all the paperbacks in my book cupboard I kept buying at thrift stores and never bothered to read. I’m trying to find a mix of historical, devotional, and fun books this time so I’m more motivated to get through them.

Hope to be posting the next “daily” challenge soon!!


2 thoughts on “We Plan, God Laughs

    1. I believe her! And I am for the time being, thank you. :) Monday’s excitement really perked me up, and now I’m lounging in the company of me best friend who knows all the tricks for making me comfortable.

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