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3×30 Challenge 06 – Purpose

Day 06: Something that gives you purpose

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I have to choose the obvious answer today and say Jesus. Jesus gives me purpose. With all my scatterbrained thoughts and half-finished projects, there have been plenty of seasons in my life when I’ve felt like, “What’s the point in doing this? Of all these hobbies and interests, what possible use can come of them? Can’t I just sleep another four hours and forget about responsibilities altogether?” And that’s not in a spiral of depression tone, but merely the thoughts of a flighty, undisciplined girl-child that loves to flit from one new idea or experience to the next.

Following Christ gives me a purpose beyond self-serving, because if I was left to my own devices, I’d be the most worthless human on the planet. I’d never finish anything. I’d never look outside my comfort zone to ask how someone else is doing. I’d never address conflict for the bettering of my relationships, or try to do better, or find a practical use for any of my interests beyond attempting to fill a need without an idea of how to do that. Knowing that my primary purpose in life is to glorify God and lovingly enjoy serving Him is such a comfort. It helps me endure sickness and pain, gives me the wisdom to see right from wrong, redirects my priorities when I’m feeling overwhelmed, and grants additional joy to any triumphs I attain.

I would truly be purposeless without Him.

A Book That Makes You Cry

The Black Cauldron: Book Three of The Chronicles of Prydain

Every time I think about this series, I decide I need to read it again. Maybe I’ll be crazy and add the series to my list of things to read this year.

The Black Cauldron… it’s such a good book. So much better than the cover art suggests. So much better than the intolerable Disney animation by the same name. If I explain why I cry it will be giving spoilers and I don’t want to give book spoilers because I really recommend this series. So that’s it. I always cry reading this book in particular. Even when I read it out loud to others.

A Song That Reminds You of Somewhere Special

Lord of the Rings MedleyLindsey Stirling

And anyone who denies that Middle Earth is a special place I can be reminded of is off my friend list forever.


Oooooh, yes. Planning with printed Pinterest pictures gives me purpose, too.


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