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3×30 Challenge 07 – Change

Day 07: An example of change being good

Personal growth. Repairing a broken relationship. Puberty. Refocusing your priorities in a more productive manner. Adding to your family whether by marriage, babies, or deciding you’re keeping your non-blood-related friends forever and ever with blood pacts and signed contracts.

Most Underrated Book You Ever Read:

Hm. The books I read aren’t usually underrated. The controversial ones are still acknowledged by vast amounts of people (sometimes more so because of controversy) and the more obscure ones I’ve read were recommended to me by trusted readers who rated them highly for good reason. So I’m going to give credit to an entire genre that some intellectuals may scoff at in their ignorance.

Fan fiction, dearies.

Yes, I may be ruffling the feathers of many a purist, but come now. Isn’t the very purpose of good fiction to inspire us to broaden our imaginations, understand new concepts, and make sure the couples that stupid television writers refused to give happy endings to get their just romance after all!? Okay, that last bit may be a stretch. Still, I hold to my position. You may have to wade through a listing of absurdities and smut-based non-plots before finding a gem of a story, but that’s where you learn discernment and perseverance!

As a side note, I do not, nor will I ever condone what I consider “historical fan fiction.” That’s taking historical figures and twisting their real life stories into something they were not. Disney did this with Pocahontas, and it is a travesty and I hate it a lot. But properly written fan fiction is an art, and I consider it very flattering to the authors who allow it.

A Song That Reminds You of an Important Event

My littlest brother was born to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack, specifically The Point of No Return. My baby sister was born as Defying Gravity played.


Usually, my Fridays look something like this…

But since I wasn’t needed for babysitting today, I ended a beautiful friendship by wearing overalls. On purpose.

My fashion conscious best friend cannot accept this treachery. But I’m sure she was totally joking about not sending me the wedding chapter she just wrote. :) Wait…

Uh oh.


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