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3×30 Challenge 08 – Bad Stuff and Sad Stuff

Day 08: An example of change being bad.

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Corporate implementing new ideas, products, standards, systems, or advertisements that make me wonder if they’ve ever worked a day at an actual Panera Bread. To be fair, the advertisements are usually quite lovely. But sometimes we go over a new concept at a team meeting and I feel like asking, “Could you please get the idea-makers behind this to personally come and show us during a busy lunch rush how these standards are to be realistically achieved?” So far it hasn’t happened that way so we worker bees are left to whinge and then deal with it.

Also, a more recent change that I consider very negative is a series of dreams that feel totally real but then I wake up from them disoriented and exhausted because it feels like I had no sleep at all. I have never experienced such dreams before and I do not like this at all.

Most Overrated Book You’ve Read

This might be strikingly obvious, but I have to go with New Moon of the Twilight Saga. Now, there are plenty of reasonable human beings who did not hype this book up to heaven and beyond, but for the sake of the tweeny-boppers that did, I have to mention it. Horrible book. Probably the worst of them all. Well… between that and Breaking Dawn. Wretched werewolves. The rest of it can be somewhat enjoyable. Laughable, even. Oddly endearing at times. But everything with the werewolves and the creepy half-cheating relationship between Jacob and Bella and then the Renesememensene bonding thing. Ugh. Let’s never go there again. Ever.

A Song You Know all the Words To

The Phantom of the Opera 2004 Soundtrack (In Full)

Yes, that’s the entire soundtrack. In fact, I had the whole album memorised before the movie was released on DVD and I finally got to see the songs in context. :) I used to have the entire extended version of the soundtrack memorised, but it’s been a while since I had a personal sing-along, so I can’t boast of that particular skill at this exact moment in time.



This mountain of pages should make me happy, but I’ve been very bad about starting them. Except today! Today I was struck with a bad tension headache and could do nothing but read. Well, I should have done more reading because my progress was still limited. It’s a start, though! And as soon as I finish these books, I get to start a really fun one that I’ve been anticipating for months!!


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