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3×30 Challenge 09 – I am a crazy person

Day 09: One place you hope to visit or travel to this year.

To see this challenge list from the beginning, click here.


This might be an off year for major travel. But if not, the UK is always on my list. I have yet to visit Disneyland. New Zealand must happen sometime in my future. But honestly, I just want to go wherever David is right now. Minus the whole Navy job part. Or maybe not. I mean, I could be like… the NFO’s mascot. I would do stuff like make sandwiches and um… sing the only two verses I know to “Drunken Sailor!” Your tax dollars would totally not mind going towards that, right? *blinks hopefully*

Okay, fine. I probably won’t travel very far this year. *pouts* All because of you terrible people who won’t support me and my dreams.

A Book That Was Better Than Expected

This is going to sound really braggy and obnoxious, but I judge books by their covers and I’m always right. (Except for one time, but we’ll get to that.) Sometimes I order books from the library and I can’t see the cover, but then I go to pick up my books and I see what they look like and I judge and I’m proven correct. But this oooone time…

Actually, the book I’m thinking of was worse than I anticipated, not better. So I guess that can’t go here. No, I can’t… think of any that were better than I imagined! See, the really good fan fiction is usually selected for me by Beta Mistress Kitty Pimms and I know it’ll be as amazing as she says. Most other books are recommended by various trusted sources, and the rest are, as I said, judged by their cover.

Sorry. I’m just too good at knowing what I’ll like, I guess.


A Song That You Can Dance To


This is really hard because there are so many Kpop songs I want to dance to! Like… ALL the Secret Songs! And B1A4! And SNSD! And Super Junior!

May I put more than one song here, PLEASE!?!? Since this is my blog and it makes me happy to do so, I’m going to. WOO!! Ya’ll probably won’t even listen to or watch these but when I’m really old and looking back on my posts I’m going to want to see these again. And dance to them. With my walker.

By the way, the challenge is worded as “a song you CAN dance to.” Just to be clear, these are the songs I cannot sit still while listening to. It’s not like I have dance talent and can actually imitate the choreography presented… but it is my dream to do so one day because I love these dances. @.@

With no further ado…

Orange Caramel’s Abing Abing!

My kind of dancing. Cutesy pointing and posing with ice cream. This is actually a love song dedicated TO ice cream. Man, I love Koreans.


Secret’s Starlight Moonlight

I fully realise my idea of dancing music is… different. But it’s so cute and fun and bubbly! :D


B1A4’s Baby I’m Sorry

This is probably more along the lines of what almost-normal people think of when they think of dance beats. For me it just means waiting for the, “Baby I’m sorry…!” and I jump up in the air and come down with a fist punch at the ground! :D


Super Junior’s Japanese version of Opera

Aaaand the wild card, just because it remains one of my favourite dance videos EVAR.


C-ute’s Meguru Koi No Kisetsu

The second wild card (also Japanese) that pretty much began my whole Asian Persuasion Phase That’s Lasted Much Longer Than a Phase. Man, it would be SO great if I had seven girls and then I could get them coordinated outfits and teach them Asian pop dances. :’) *sniffles*


My writing life in a nutshell, people. Behold it. And weep.


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