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Not a Drill

Remember a year ago on April Fools I posted a tricksy post about being “Off the Market” which was actually true because, you know, David, but I made it seem untrue because I also said I’d quit Kdramas in the same post which was very much not true, so some of you had no idea what to think?

Well, I just want you all to know that what I’m about to post here is exactly what it looks like and it truly happened, and this is not a trick or a spoof or a joke and yes, I’m as freakishly happy as you’d imagine.

P1000462 P1000466 P1000476 P1000485 P1000486 P1000487 P1000489 P1000490 P1000491 P1000524

And since it’s only been since February 28th, I haven’t been keeping things for moooonths, and moooonths, and months. :P

I have the bestest friend in the whole world who stalked us in the bushes to take these. There’s actually a whole set that if you flip through really fast looks like a video. :)




And yes, since I know your next question would be, “IS the ring the most beautiful ring in all the worlds (‘worlds’ because I’m counting fantasy and fairy tale worlds) and do you think you could give us a looksie?” The answer is YES.


4 thoughts on “Not a Drill

  1. SQUEEEEEEE!!! I’m SO EXCITED FOR YOU! And I LOVE that a friend was snapping pictures of it happening, seriously adorable. David’s thumbs up to the camera at the end = hilarious. Your ring is gorgeous, too! I don’t normally like all-diamond rings, but that one looks so pretty and vintage and classic… he did well!
    Congratulations, beauty!

    1. Me too!! :D :D She said a lot of people were telling her not to because it was a private moment and we should be totally alone, but she KNOWS me and knew I wanted to feeel alone but still have pictures. :D And then she didn’t have to hear the story secondhand because she was there, and it was so special and I’m so happy!!!

      EEEEEPP!!! Thank you, yes!!! That ring was originally sampled in yellow gold which I do not like, and no one could see the vision (I saw pictures of the original and I NEVER would have picked it!) but he went with his gut and it is soooo gorgeous and it dances in the light, and more than a couple people have teased about needing sunglasses. :P My Davey is a keeper. :D

      And thank you, lovely!! I’m so excited for you and your growing family, too!! :D

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