Reasons (not) to Cry

I’ve probably said it before, but I’ll say it again. The more reasons I have to write blog posts, the less I end up writing. “If life happened less, I might be able to talk about it more.” That’s not quite the quote, but it’ll do. I think it’s hilarious that I keep getting notifications telling me my blog stats are booming. From what, exactly?  I haven’t posted in ages! But then, I guess I’m still getting favourites and followers from that one short Pride and Prejudice story on FFN I never expected to get any attention. The internet really does let things linger. For better or for worse.

Just to get you up to speed, here’s a whirlwind catch up, which I’m far too lazy at the moment to elaborate on:

I’m pretty good at knitting baby hats and can even do some fancy lace patterns by now.

My knitting has had an unexpected side effect, which replaced paperbacks for audio books because I like to multitask, and “read” while I knit. It’s not a permanent switch, but it has been kind of neat to measure my projects with how many chapters I’ve gone through.

It makes me mad when people say I must be relieved that my fiance isn’t here to get underfoot during wedding planning. -_-‘ It’s like… have you met me?

I still watch Korean dramas. I’d say I watch a lot of dramas, but I have nothing on my sixteen year old sister, so I’ll refrain from making it sound like a big deal. Although it’s overwhelming to think of all the review posts I’m behind in.

I only work at Panera two days a week (every once in a while, three) and I love so much having the rest of the week free for babysitting, family time, sleep overs, and spontaneous journeys to the base my fiance gets sent to.

My current writing project, which is a Colonel Brandon and Marianne novel, is over 45% complete. Which reminds me, I still have word quota to accomplish today.

I’m going to Maine in April.

I seem to cry all the time at everything these days.

And that leads me to the inspiration for this post.

My KitKat recently sent me a link to hilarious reasons people cried while on their period. We didn’t dare make fun of any of them, because each one is completely relatable. I’m not even suffering the monthly affliction at present, and yet I find myself weeping at everything and nothing. You probably can guess what’s coming next, right? I mean, if you’ve followed this blog at all, you know I’m obsessed with making lists. I love lists! Here’s the list.

Reasons I Cried Today

  1. I didn’t think I’d said, “I love you” the right way, or enough times over the phone after morning devotions.
  2. My socks were the wrong length but I didn’t want to change them because my feet would be cold for the two seconds they were in transition from the wrong socks to the right ones.
  3. I had this song in my head: Because I -Lasse Lindh
    And I don’t know why this made me cry, because I understand the lyrics less than if it was entirely in Korean, and I laugh at it fondly because it’s like the artist wrote a song in his native language and put it through Google Translate for the English version and recorded it that way.
  4. I thought of lying to my fiance.
  5. I admitted to my fiance that I thought about lying to him.
  6. Google wouldn’t load the image search I prompted for “fluffy baby chicks.”
  7. Google finally loaded, and I saw pictures of fluffy baby chicks.
    fluffy chicks
  8. I glanced at the package of Digestive biscuits on my desk and felt overpowered by having British treats in the Americas.
  9. I walked into the garage and couldn’t remember why.
  10. My fiance said “I love you” and I felt that was impossible, because I’m super weepy and annoying today.

    Well, there you are. If you ever feel silly for crying at something… don’t. Because I exist.


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