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The Bride Life

“Thank you for booking your trip. Your itinerary to Daegu, Republic of Korea is shown below…”

My life is a dream. No, it’s better. It’s like all the best parts in all my favourite books put themselves into an anthology of literary genius and then became my life.

To be so abundantly cared for, and blessed by God is really… it’s something. Forgive my stunted speech.

Four years ago, I started working at Panera Bread in order to make some travelling money for my upcoming trip to the UK. That’s when people started asking if I was part Asian, which led me to watch a few anime out of curiosity. It’s where I suggested my soon-to-be-sister-in-law get hired, which is how she introduced me to the idea of her brother being a catch. It is also where I met a really awesome manager who got me hooked on Korean dramas and made me realise it was Korea-Asia I loved, and not so much Japan, China, etc.

Now I’m getting married to my Lieutenant in 97 days, and we’re going to Korea for our honeymoon, where his brother and his wife happen to be stationed. What?

God is such a genius. That’s an incredible understatement, but words fail me.

97 days…

The peanut butter I opened today expires after that.

The beauty products I’m currently using will be the same ones I use as a wife.

The reward expirations on customer’s Panera cards are starting to creep into dates past our wedding.

Sometimes it seems crazy close and a little too soon, but only in terms of the wedding. Marriage… Marriage I’m impatient for. I’m eager to start learning how to cook for two. I’m excited about kitchen tools, and laundry baskets, and turning a place into a home. I’m ready for my fiance to have a wife to come home to, a face to kiss awake in the morning, and more in-person devotions than over-the-phone prayers. For all these and more, 97 days is too far away.

The wedding, moving away, and prospect of no longer being 15 minutes from my best friend and my person are all making my head and heart slow down a bit. But as we keep reminding each other, this is not the end of all things in friendships. There are these great inventions like aeroplanes and video chats, and as my engagement has proven, distance cannot quench true love.

Speaking of which, am I the only one who feels The Song of Solomon is too romantic for unmarried folk to read together? I know it’s a picture of Christ and His bride, the church, but I’m finding it difficult to not be swooned in a heap when David and I read bits together.

Matthew Henry’s commentary helps put it in the spiritual context, but when it’s eveningtime and David’s manly voice is reading the greatest love story ever recorded, it’s like… “Whoa, there, sailor. Maybe we save that for the honeymoon, yeah?”

Just me? Or am I not totally crazy in this? 

Happy Sabbath, everyone!! Here’s a peek of the Sunday School lesson today.


4 thoughts on “The Bride Life

  1. NINETY SEVEN DAYS AAAAGGGHHHH!!! That’s SO EXCITING. On your wedding day I will be pretending I am there and squealing internally. I’m so happy you have found your love!

  2. Bethany, I pray that you and David will be forever “lost in the enchantment of your own imaginations!” God bless you. Luvubye!

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