Concerning Hash

Hear a Snippet Here… (HASH)

I’m a Christian. That’s not a label, but an affirmation of my deep and rewarding relationship with my Savior. I have very strong principles and may kill you with either kindness or sarcasm. Though I generally prefer using a plastic broadsword or a pen for my daily dose of carnage.

Geoffrey Chaucer of A Knight’s Tale film said it perfectly:

“I will eviscerate you in fiction.”

If I know you and you’ve made any kind of lasting impression on me, good or bad, you will more than likely end up in a story. I should probably consider using a pseudonym in the future to prevent any trouble…

I’m a writer who can’t read enough. I want to know absolutely everything from aspects of biochemistry to the history of archaeology and the principles of theology. Part of what makes me love writing is that every single subject imaginable can be–and usually are–incorporated into a story. My library card and the Google search engine are consistently in use. Writing for me has never been purely about mindless self-fulfillment. If it has no meaning and can’t be enjoyed by at least one other person, it holds no joy for me.

I’m a perfectionist in my passion for words. I have a wretched habit of starting a million projects and not being able to finish. Nothing I do is ever good enough for me, so if mistakes are pointed out or inconsistencies brought to my attention I will edit to the point of exhaustion.

I am a snippet myself.

I’m tiny. I look no more than fifteen (on a good day) but have been livin’ in the sunlight since the year of our Lord 1990. I know many songs by heart, some obscure, and sometimes answer people in lyrics. I love taking too many pictures, learning Korean, serving my military husband, (yes, I finally got one of those!) and not being tan. I write fan fiction and swoon over food. People who feed me (particularly with baked carbs) are delightful and I love them. Sometimes I get asked if I’m half Asian and it makes me happy even though I’m not. I’ve been to the UK a few times, South Korea once, and I want to go back. It disturbs me terribly when people leave bedroom doors open.

Evidently, I talk too much.


29 thoughts on “Concerning Hash

  1. This may be one of my favorite “about me” pages yet. Especially the “It disturbs me terribly when people leave bedroom doors open.” :D (I may start stalking you now. I hope you don’t mind.)

      1. I’m so glad you asked that! It’s the French countryside! I took it on a high speed train, somewhere between Paris and Nice and I’ve been dying for someone to ask me so I can announce that “I took it myself! In France!” :D Not many of my train images came out so well, but that was one of those rare captures I became quite fond of.

  2. I’m glad to be of service. :D (That reminds me of Jane Eyre… for some reason…) It is really amazing, especially since it’s taken by you, and it’s in France (sigh)!

  3. By the way, I just *now* figured out that HASH= Hear a Snippet Here.

    Yeah. Even after reading the “Hear a Snippet Here (HASH)” about five times trying to figure out what the heck HASH stood for.

    My brain is so slow sometimes.

    1. ;) It took me ages to come up with that, so I don’t mind that it took you a while to figure out what it meant.

      It’s somewhat inspired by this animated LOTR dub over in which Strider yells at Butterbur, “That’s enough of your hash!”

      2:55 if you’re interested. :P

  4. Ugh, you’re so talented, you just made this whole page really interesting. haha.

    “Evidently, I talk too much.”

    well please keep writing. :)

  5. Crap, man, it’s as though we’re the same person :) The only thing on here that I find I am NOT you in, is that I am not religious. But I have the utmost respect for people who have faith and have found their peace in their religion, so I hope that doesn’t put a damper on our *potential* friendship :)

  6. Bethie, I’d like to make a request/suggestion: that you consider reducing the number of posts per page. 10 per page is fine if it’s mostly text, but your posts always have pictures or videos. It always takes more time than I like for it to load.

  7. Someone who loves the printed word? Can’t believe I’ve found you. I’ve resisted purchasing an eReader all this time thinking I was the last holdout. Now I see maybe there is hope for the future of the printed word. As well as for cursive script. I’m sure you’ve heard they’re thinking of no longer teaching cursive in schools!

    1. We’re sadly few and far between these days, but we lovers of print are out there! Recently I caved and bought a Kindle, but it gets the most use when I need to review my own stories. Then I make notes in a physically paper-present notebook. I will not consider myself a successful author until my work is seen on a shelf. In book form. Binding and all. Right now I have 3 books out from the library and I just bought my a five year journal–to be filled out by hand. :) I love paper. Tree huggers beware.

      That’s terrible! My handwriting leaves much to be desired, but that’s mostly because I’ve grown used to scribbling notes on a whim or filling out pan-up sheets for work between the lunch rushes. My kids (when I have them) will be learning cursive!! Furthermore, they won’t be allowed cell phones/devices that cheapen the English language until they’ve gone 15 years of using good grammar.

  8. Okay, now I’ve read your About page. Very well done! And I don’t think you talk too much – as far as I know. Anyone who likes anything Irish can’t be bad! I am a Christian also, but sometimes the sarcasm is stronger. By the way the root of sarcasm – sarx – is to rip or tear the flesh. I try to remember that, but am not always successful.

    Great page ;).

    1. Thank you so much! I think there I times I reach a point of rambling… which can be useful for me to sort my own thoughts, but not necessarily of value to anyone else. :P I have Irish on both sides of my progenitors and I’m disappointed I don’t have more information on who exactly I could track down if ever I was able to get there. I have this splendid dream of miraculously discovering my Irish roots and being temporarily adopted by distant relatives.

      I didn’t know that about sarcasm! Wow. I wish I could say that will make me more careful, but probably it won’t. :/

      Thanks again for stopping by!

  9. Hey there Bethie, thanks again very much for the follow and I’m pleased I swung by to check out your blog. We are the same age and seem to have quite a few things in common so I look forward to reading more from you! :)

  10. Currently stalking your blog and found this post. I never thought I would find someone who also is disturbed when people leave their bedroom doors open. It’s kind of a thing. I can’t sleep when it’s open…lol. Anywayy!

    Europe! I need to go it sounds amazing :) Any good stories?

    1. Friend!! I used to have visions of the Muppets standing by my bed staring at me. Not maliciously, just… standing there. Unblinking. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with why I can’t tolerate a bedroom door being left open, but it might! :P

      Oh, dozens! Do you want a scary, embarrassing, euphoric, or delicious story? ;)

  11. Unique blog name. I like it. Unexpected, I guess. And kinda makes me think of hash potatoes, though. Good thing I like ’em. Will follow and look forward to your future good writings!

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