Ye Ole Bucket List

100 Things To Do Before I Die 

1. Speak 한국어/조선말 well

2. Speak enough Gaeilge to be understood

3. Re-learn to write in Elvish

4. Try a margarita (with alcohol)

5. Visit le Palais l’Opera Garnier; see, be inside, and thoroughly search it

6. Spend Christmas in another country

7. Find out who my Irish ancestors/family are and track them down

8. Ride horses in the English countryside

9. Live like the Hobbits for a holiday in New Zealand

10. Play one-on-one football in an almost empty stadium

11. Honeymoon on Jejudo

12. Own enough closet space for the costumes of my dreams and fill it with those costumes

  • Padme’s picnic gown
  • Christine’s Masquerade gown
  • Victorian bustle gown
  • Scarlett ‘O Butlah gown (Scarlett style)
  • Jane Austen styles
  • Christine’s Gypsy Costume
  • Sophie’s Happy Ever After Dress

13. Memorize a full book of the Bible

14. Enjoy a Hobbit/Irish dance in appropriate skirts (heavily petticoated) and boots

15. Travel by boat, plane, train, carriage, and cruise

16. Spend a full 24 hours in bed

17. Learn to waltz, charleston, tango, and a full Kpop or musical dance number

18. Learn “hello” and “thank you” in seven different languages

19. Pull off a convincing role (Cameo or chorus)

20. Publish one or two full books21. Send a message in a bottle

22. Have an insanely awesome bachelorette party on March 19th, 2018 if not before, with or without an actual wedding

23. Own two kitties >^.^<
Name Ideas: Mrs. Pretty, Fatty McLumpkins, Momo, Ponyo, Pippa, Pabu

24. Have, adopt, or resort to kidnapping adorable curly haired children

25. Save someone’s life (Literally)

26. Rough it in the forest for a night (not alone)

27. Experience amazing pasta in Italy

28. Design and decorate every room in my house (when I have a “my house”)

29. Visit Disneyland, Disneyworld, Universal Studios, and Harry Potter World

30. See the musical stage plays of:
The Scarlet Pimpernel, Woman in White, Wicked, Little Women, Jekyll & Hyde, The Little Mermaid, Phantom of the Opera

31. Attend a live ballet, symphony, or opera. Or all three.

32. Earn a degree in something

33. Speak an African dialect (At least a few lines.)

34. Bathe in real rose petals (and water)

35. Learn to play at least one full song on any musical instrument, and do it justice. (No. Musical. Talent. That’s me!)

36. Finally learn to fold a paper crane

37. Cosplay something to be proud of

38. Stay in a hotel room with a balcony that looks out onto the ocean ~~ any ocean

39. Master the dance pad. (At least not fail at it.)

40. Put a lock on Namsan Tower

41. Take self defense/martial arts classes

42. Hang out at the set of a favorite TV show

  • No specifics because they’re constantly changing and I’d want it to be a current favorite/running show.

43. Know that someone fell in love with me

44. Find mermaids in Australia (or Sea World)

45. Temporarily bunk in an attic or garret at the top of a house

46. Run a stand at, or be somehow majorly involved in a Renaissance Faire

47. Win a chugging contest with someone other than Angie

48. Learn to swim. Properly.

49. Play any part (cameo, extra, lead) in a period film

50. Road trip across the U.S.

51. Create a Crayola crayon masterpiece

52. Lunch by a waterfall and go wading under it

53. Ride in a helicopter

54. Meet Tim, Phil, and Kit in person

55. Ride an elephant (not in a circle)

56. Pet a white tiger, panther, and snow leopard

57. Write a non-parody song

58. Fill five journals

59. Put in 1,000 hours of volunteer work

60. Learn to make proper frosting

61. Know what it’s like to be kissed

62. Find guys willing to play in our videos or guys to play in videos with

63. Learn some swordplay

64. Find a beautiful, awesome, non-stickery field and do all kinds of lovely things in it. (Twirling would be first, then photography.)

65. Visit Prince Edward Island with my best friend(s)

66. Tour a 19th century ship replica
Actually, it was the REAL HMS Victory, so it was even BETTER!!!!!!)

67. Attend a World Cup game

68. Cultivate a better sense of direction (hopeless)

69. Visit a natural forest of butterflies

70. Spend a night in a tree

71. Have a celebrity take MY picture

72. Have a better celebrity sign my shoe

73. Decorate a Christmas tree

74. Splash in a public fountain, preferably without getting arrested or fined


76. Learn conversational sign language

77. Put together, create, or fix something mechanical – I’m counting the bagel slicer :P

78. Keep a collection of tea bag tags

79. See Phantom of the Opera live 5 times (2)

80. Crash a chandelier

81. Run free on the moors. (Any moors.)

82. Be the person at the library who reads books out loud to a circle of listeners

83. Own and learn how to use some fabulous movie making programs

84. Press grapes!

85. Skinny dip (in the middle of nowhere in the dead of night)

86. Read the original Beauty and the Beast (English translation, if possible)

87. Build an amazing popsicle stick building or town

88. Go to an art museum

89. Finish Red

90. Watch You’re Beautiful without needing English subtitles

91. Learn to play the violin or cello

92. Roller blade through the park (the cement part, of course)

93. Be famous enough to be interviewed by the media and also have to run from them at least once

94. Always have the best dog ever, because Ranger is the best dog.

94. Visit Westminster Abbey (or any cathedral) for an evensong

95. Find a local bakery to frequent (with money)

96. Grow a garden

97. Find and stick to a career that actually supports me financially

98. Make some pottery

99. Memorize a Shakespearean speech

Marry the perfect man (for me)

(last updated 9.27.2013)


24 thoughts on “Ye Ole Bucket List

  1. I’ll join you for number 9! And once you’ve done 13, be sure to pass on the lessons to yours truly.

    I’d like to do number 26 too, but with a group of people for safety.

    How amazing was the amazing pasta of 27?

    43, really? I’d have thought not. I mean, you’ve mentioned how awful you felt at rejecting just someone who’s interested and not even in love. Unless you mean specifically the man you love?

    I’ve done both parts of 52 but not in the same place. ;)

    1. Excellent! Maybe I’ll make a blog tutorial for archery. ;P

      Yes, most of these are assumed that I’m doing it with at least one other person if not a group. I don’t do anything by myself. I don’t like to. Especially where adventure is concerned.

      Preeetty amazing! Although I was completely starving from walking all over the country in blazing hot sunlight, so maybe that was part of it. But STILL! Authentic Italian pasta IN Italy! It was pretty amazing just for the fact.

      I don’t know. It’s kind of one of those… even if it’s horrible I feel like it should happen before I die. But I mostly mean the guy I end up marrying. Or the simplest way would be on my deathbed to get this letter from some guy that says, “I always loved you… and I only now have the guts to say it.” And since I’m on my deathbed I don’t have to feel bad for rejecting him. :P

      Well as you can see I only did half so far. :P I would have waded, but mum still wanted birthday pictures so I didn’t want to get all wet before those.

  2. Ooh! Bucket list! I need to put mine on my blog too! :P

    I’ll join you for numbers 1 (got a French oral exam next week *argh!*), 20, 50, 61 and 81. And all of the Lord of the Rings-y ones. I assume I’m not the only one with an obsession over that world? ;)
    And I’ve done number 99. But I’ve forgotten a lot! :P
    I could teach you number 36. And 33. Maybe. It depends on your definition! :)

    1. Doooo it! And tell me when you do so I can read and comment! :D

      Huzzah! Yeah, I talk big, but I’m such a horrible slacker with languages. I’ve worked for almost a year with Spanish associates every day and I still only know one phrase. (“Help me because I’m pretty.” :P) I only spoke a lot of French when I was forced to IN France. And then it was just like, “Excuse me, where’s the restroom?” and “I would like -insert number of- baguette(s), please.”

      You are not the only one who obsesses over LOTR! Did I put “learn Sindarin?” I used to know a lot of Elvish, too. Now I just know “Tolo, nethben.” Come, little one. And the odd movie quote in Elvish.

      Have you ever read The Chronicles of Prydain? They’re kind of between the Narnia Chronicles and LOTR series in epicness I do believe, but I loved them ever so much. Anyway, the point of this is I chose the pottery one because there’s a book where the main character goes on this coming-of-age sort of quest and he makes a pretty blue bowl out of clay. I always wanted to do that. Just one thing of pottery. :)

      Heheh. I’m not picky. Even if it’s a really poorly looking crane or a just barely counting African phrase. Maybe a line or two from a song…

      1. Hehe, I did do it! Here: Enjoy! ;)

        I’m not such a slacker (mostly…), I simply don’t have time to do revision. And then I forget loads of vocab and make a fool of myself in the oral. I can kind of speak French, as in help myself to say most things I need to cope. But then in class we get asked stuff such as “Discuss the metaphor”, and then I say stuff like “Was there even a metaphor? I never noticed!” ;)

        I’m not so big on the LotR languages, I’m rather more interested in reading Tolkien’s descriptions of scenes, and his mythology behind the tale. And no, I haven’t read Prydian. It is on my to-read list though! :P

        Hmm, I could make a tutorial on my blog and send it on… ;)

  3. I have always wanted to go to P.E. Island! I had a bunch of other things to say while reading this, but now I forgot the rest… :) This makes me want to start a Bucket List!

    1. I think everyone should have a bucket list! I don’t actually want to do all of these before I die… only because I always want to have a goal to reach for. Or I suppose I could start a new list!

  4. I apologize in advance if you get about 80 comments from me today. I’ve decided not to do school and stalk your blog instead :) I love your bucket list, in fact I may steal some of your ideas and the way you have them on your blog. If that’s okay ?

    1. Oh, no apology necessary! (I not-so-secretly love the attention.) And I always approve of stalling on school! Hehehe. I’m a bad influence. My school now-a-days consists of Horrible Histories and BBC period films.

      Steal away! Hey, that’s the title of a Celtic Thunder song! “Steaaal away, let’s steaaal away!” M’kay, I’m done rambling for now. So glad you’re stalking me! Have fun!

  5. Haha, I love these, I’d agree with over half of them too! Particularly live like a Hobbit for a holiday in NZ and ride bareback on a horse pretending I’m a medieval knight, or a Celtic warrior maiden (with my hair in a long plait, that can then double as a weapon!) R.

    1. Considering my recent trip to England, I could probably alter a few of these or knock them off the list! But I’m sadly behind on blogging. :/

      That all sounds perfectly wonderful!! I hope you/I get to do all those things someday! :D

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