Someday My Husband Will Say This

DISCLAIMER: This is a very old draft (two years old!) that I found and finally decided to publish. I first typed it up as early as February of 2013. So this was all before I had someone specific in mind other than a faceless husband. But the quotes still make me giggle the same way they did before, so in an effort to show that I have not changed all that much from two years ago when I was a totally unattached woman…

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Questions To Make You Think

Whilst messing around Google to search links for questionnaires, surveys, and the like, I stumbled across this lovely page: 25 Beautifully Illustrated Thought-Provoking Questions …and I’m going to answer some of them. (The questions I skipped were just too obvious for me. They weren’t challenging enough to answer.) Alas, I can’t provide the same kind… Continue reading Questions To Make You Think