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3×30 Challenge 07 – Change

Day 07: An example of change being good Personal growth. Repairing a broken relationship. Puberty. Refocusing your priorities in a more productive manner. Adding to your family whether by marriage, babies, or deciding you’re keeping your non-blood-related friends forever and ever with blood pacts and signed contracts. Most Underrated Book You Ever Read: Hm. The… Continue reading 3×30 Challenge 07 – Change

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3×30 Challenge: Day 04 – The Lady Returneth

Day 04: Something that is part of your routine that you enjoy. What is this routine of which you speak? I always enjoy teatime, and sleeping in, but I wouldn’t consider that a routine. I’m not a creature of habit. Teatime is when I desire another cuppa, and sleeping in can mean anything from a… Continue reading 3×30 Challenge: Day 04 – The Lady Returneth


Someday My Husband Will Say This

DISCLAIMER: This is a very old draft (two years old!) that I found and finally decided to publish. I first typed it up as early as February of 2013. So this was all before I had someone specific in mind other than a faceless husband. But the quotes still make me giggle the same way they did before, so in an effort to show that I have not changed all that much from two years ago when I was a totally unattached woman…